Tuesday, March 2, 2010


damn have headache 2nite. nak wat keje pun x der mood. hari ni x follow d schedule, patutnyer wat coding..but since have headache i don't think so dapat nak pikir the way to code some more dah masuk part parser engine...lagi la parah+ dgn headache ni.

weather teruk sgt skunk too hot...not raining at all. after balik klas especially + at noon plak sumer org mcm dehydrated. drink mmg kene ready dlm beg. dah baper lamer x hujan ni...aku baru jer baik dari sakit, think b coz of this condition+pollution. aku bleh wat equation sakit=hot weather+ pollution.

according to my fyp. give the overview check list wht i have been done and not
- LR-14 page baru dpt wit 22 ref
- chapter 1- done
- methodology- juz table wit a bit description jer (Byk g nak repair)
2. code
- database Dictionary- list and cari lexicon from 1 sentence baru
- paragraph to sentence- done
- sentences to word - done
- initialize the sentence into stack- done
- parser engine- on the development
- interface design- far away lagi :P
3. meeting expert
- check the lexicon- not done

last monday presentation on methodology and design, azhar have finish everything on the development. he scared me so so so much. aduih i gave to my project progress about may be 40% finish.. along way 2 go lagi..start to worry. but i do the documentation parallel dgn code. i day for code 1 day for documentation. development i hope can cope with the bahasa melayu nyer structure yg ckp belambak... nak check dia nyer lexicon supaya dapat tepat. (i'm working on Malay Grammar checker).

allah berikan aku kekuatan untuk habiskan project ni and dapat grad yg bgs untuk sem ni. x nak repeat and x nak life as student no more. aim skunk nak keje. coz i have enough wit this. x tahan dah. nak muntah. tgk buku pun x lalu dah. sakit kpala aku ni, migraine kpala ni.

give me some strength to finish my degree in Ai.