Monday, May 31, 2010

selasa 1 june 2010

the month of jun always give something special.


1/6(aishah my friend)
5/6 (mu aunt ha and aunt norli,uncle li, )
7/6(my sis)
8/6 (my sis nyer wedding)

exam result

10/6(my final year result...i made it ke x to grad 3++ arggg takut).

and this year gone be the year i step out to move a new phase of my life. trying my hard to be hired as soon as possible. desperately need the money to covered all d expenses. some worse thing is my mom have to balik kampong 4 a while due to the contract was expired. so by hook or by crook i have to be hired A>S>A>P........

i need my mr luck again....please

Friday, May 14, 2010

Aku .......

x tau nak buat ape, so i decide 2 write again. sometime i juz fell my life mcm x best jer...x mcm org lain, having fun, cheer all d time, ade kawan yg banyak...wish to have all those thing.

kat rumah juz tinggal me n suha. d rest keje, ida n momot in jakel, but both of them nak give up dah, letih sgt...9.30-8.30 stand jer...klo aku pon mau KO kut. farah dapat keje kat tesco, in wht pos x tau but dia as part timer worker.

aku??? sedang buang masa kat rumah, download Joomla n install, need 2 study mende alah 2. Pening gak. byk function yang x tau..byk sgt functionnyer. the bos need who have skill in Joomla n PHP array....tgh berusaha blaja sumer bender 2 balik.

in the mood of refreesh sumer bender2 lama. skg pon ngh job hunting........

p/s best of luck 2 me

Thursday, May 13, 2010

a mood after FYP

10 may 2010 was d most important day that make sure u r grad or not. alhamdulilah i make it well, report sikit jer kene betulkan. thanks 4 everyone yang support me especially my family, my bushook (always listen when crying sebab paler dah blank nak wat coding) thanks a lot.

now just nak siapkan report untuk buat hard cover, last submission report on 26 may...skag masa dah byk in d mood of hunting for a vacancy. dah mintak kat TCS, GW, and gamuda...but x dapat feed back lagi.

i need d job immediately.....nak keje, keje, keje, keje.......hope by this week dah dpt feedback