Tuesday, September 14, 2010

6 syawal bersamaan 15 sept

life was not always beautiful, not always wonderful, not always like u aspect to be like...
now i was hired to b a programmer n support in zamrud alliance,
much more happy rather than stay in KL (pandan Jaya)
the working environment just love it even get low payment compared to KL one
but i think as long make me comfort, then sure can gain something without any forcing.

worst then ever, this is the worst ever stage for both of us..(may b too close)
just hate having a fight with him
but try to find what are the real problem with us

p/s wish for both of us will b ok soon


Thursday, September 2, 2010

friday --> 7days b4 raya


staying alone in the SUK...have a chat with suha. nothing much today, sazly n hilmi dah cabut (sembahyang jumaat)...

last night went to sri malaysia for break fasting....bring kak amy together..have a great menu...
mine is nasi goreng petai, kurma meat ball, ikan sweat sower, scramble egg and petola goreng (can't take that one becouse the taste is bitter).

kak amy n me joint mr u-the office mate..most of them are construction n kak amy tersesat kat c2... me, kak amy, u-the, yanie n panjang went there in one car...they all buat lawak all the way...loughing like anything

after break fasting, we went to GM, went there bout last 3year.. then last night was the 1'st visit after last 3years. juz window shopping, nothing that we bought. juz walk around cuci mata....

last night bit bengang ngn u-the, talking a nonsense thing....come on la behave la a public maaa???? sampai panjang pun tegur dia...

juz love joint to hang out...make the moment become so cheerful.

today think u-the will fetch me, gone stay in yanie house....

cik ct