Tuesday, September 14, 2010

6 syawal bersamaan 15 sept

life was not always beautiful, not always wonderful, not always like u aspect to be like...
now i was hired to b a programmer n support in zamrud alliance,
much more happy rather than stay in KL (pandan Jaya)
the working environment just love it even get low payment compared to KL one
but i think as long make me comfort, then sure can gain something without any forcing.

worst then ever, this is the worst ever stage for both of us..(may b too close)
just hate having a fight with him
but try to find what are the real problem with us

p/s wish for both of us will b ok soon



jame said...

weiiii akhirnya jupe jugak mung...wah dah jd programmer...mamtap sudey...:p jame

Siti Asmah Bt Ab Aziz said...

hu3..biasa jah..anyone can do it...
programmer jah pon..bkn SA