Monday, January 14, 2013

i just want to say

muka nampak cool
dlm hati tuhan jer tahu

the grin sampai ketelinga
tp dugaan x terhingga

nampak teguh berdiri
tp menuggu hari

mulut kata pergi
hati kata please stay

so, life it doesn't like we see
it actually deep to be dig

let make make it cheer, make it luck
supaya hidup x der la gelap

chewahhhh dah tuka okei from cik ct

Friday, January 4, 2013

mY thOunGht

it is only my personel opinion 
and what i believe in way it is
some people may disagree with me

for me i'll put family first 
rather than my own felling
i'll let myself to be hurt
if that is the way i can protect them

love is not everything
it have to come out with other "things" 
to make it real
I’m a realistic person
everything need a reason

live isn't searching who u are
but it is creating/ develop  u,
who  r u gone will be
before i did do "searching who am i"
but looks like i did not manage to find who is she

people change
as your heart too
some day u will like what u hate
and u will hate what u like
"this is scared me" if i change in the negative way



Tuesday, January 1, 2013

oh My MaSTeRrrrrRRRRrrr

here i'm 
still stuck in front of may beloved lappy 
at 2.30am Hocayyyyyyy
doing my last, n the most miserable assignment 
for semester 1
need 2 more pages....
mana mau cari ni...apa mau goreng lagi...

esok nak keje ni
mata dah pedih
dah menguap x hengat
wish me good luck to finish it
 tp esok la yer
 semoga diberi kekuatan

p/s: aja-aja fighting
nite...bantal is whispering
"Mari la...i can comfort  you" 

CT :p