Wednesday, May 18, 2011

sharing is caring

normally i juz wrote bout my self jer kan
but now i tent to talk about something tht i can share
tp amende yer

now aku interested
on vlogger
there a few vlogger yg become my fav

1. maria elena - she is fabulous
ada point la every vedio yg dia post
lov the content
the most funnies video ever --> click this Pre Menstrual Syndrome
yt acc name dia shortnap
this is her blog

2. inianuarhadi
mmg lawak la mamat ni...pandai dia buat video
you can check on this link
video paling aku suka this one citarasa
ni blog dia

macam dok promote deorang la plak
both of them ada gaya tersendiri...
juz check them out...
n i think u gone like them

cik ct