Friday, October 29, 2010

My saturday

6.45am -->take a shower,subuh then bubom balik
around 9 something (dengar bising2 kat luar-> good wedding mah cik B)

11.00am-->completely conscious he3
wash cloth,
having my bf (hot tea n 3 pieces of cookies).
give a call to my cik ude (he's working in kuala kangsar site)
after that termenung......

1.15pm--> attend the wedding with kak hawa n her friend
meet cik b, cik nani other neighbors
mencekik having my lunch
the bride cantek sangat
(hujan la plak....)

2.00pm --> dah x tau nak buat per
get my lappy
checking over facebook (anything new)
then start to update my blog
then start la merepek2

2.42pm--> heard people karaoke in the wedding (ader yg suara hancur lak)
after this do know wht to do dah
cik ude not going to see me this week (dah pokai)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Inilah hasil keje aku masa x der keje

Let have some overview about me

was name as: SITI ASMAH BT AB AZIZ
nick name: normally people call me ct,cik ct, asmah


now hired in zamrud
thi s is my working environment

and some example of my work

transfer this using

my patient is

previous of me



my pet

my stuff

this some story about my life.....
simple thing that I've done, make my life shine


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Aku kene ckp kat dpn

2times kene tolak kedepan untuk bercakap:-

1. during esewabeli UAT (use acceptance training)
2. esewa training

sazly ko suker buat keputusan on d spot...argg
p i don't mind (coz dia byk tlg aku) --> merangkap my sifu untuk esewabeli n esewa
x der dia mati aku kat cni (BPA)

traning fell like not successful as i aspect. lots of things been querying...
sometime aku pon x tau how to answer.

huh such a unknown felling (did i perform well as a trainer?). that is the biggest question mark.
but yang peliknya...x der rasa takut pon (different from before).

try my hard to improve.
tp aku ni pemalas ckit
different compared to working in tcs (dlu rajin explore)
but now answer

try to be nice to everybody
try to keep my smile
try my hard to calm down n keep my patient
i'm trying
trying not to pening

wish me a good luck yaaaa

p/s: jadi lah org yang lebih sabar and give the best


What a hectic day

Today just attend a meeting discussing on esewabeli
i juz hate when think about it now
give me not good felling (mad,tired,gone lost my patient) one after another

the most horrible thing is dealing with user (dah byk kali keep explaining the same thing, tp x paham2, geram jerrr menyirap jer darah) the data n the structure for the system was terrified, horrible dan aper2 jer lah yg sama waktu dengan nyer...

and one more problem, now i'm goin to follow who (either bos or sazly&nash co?)
problem2..make me sick to think

going back to the system (lot more need to add on)asking so many thing to do. me will try my hard to help sazly(my colleague), doin all the add on.

tomorrow need to handle a training on esewa (dah berkulat dah sytem 2 ader gak yg nak traning lagi).

hope tomorrow's training will be running smoothly....
the reality of working (start to burden my shoulder)
guyzz wish me ggod luck doing this

Xoxo -::-

Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm a lonely

lonely not mean that don't have my special one (cik ude) but now interm of staying at home, going to work...have no friends, all have to b independent....

last time, i have kak amy (she give me a left to work) and came back from working having chat with her bout wht happen on that day

but now...hermmm... she move to (no body to be talk to, no friend while watching tv especially biler watch siti kelembai show--> our fav show :D ).

biler dok sorang(staying alone) all the memory came to my head...some is suck and some make me fell so???
don't how to explain the felling (sometime it is killing me)... but nothing to b repent on what have i decide "no regret ct"

have to move to one stage to not stick in the safe zone or else you have no changes in yor life "no improvement at all"

P/s dare to change--> result
(enjoying the job even it is busy and a lot thing to be complete in the time constrain )