Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm a lonely

lonely not mean that don't have my special one (cik ude) but now interm of staying at home, going to work...have no friends, all have to b independent....

last time, i have kak amy (she give me a left to work) and came back from working having chat with her bout wht happen on that day

but now...hermmm... she move to (no body to be talk to, no friend while watching tv especially biler watch siti kelembai show--> our fav show :D ).

biler dok sorang(staying alone) all the memory came to my head...some is suck and some make me fell so???
don't how to explain the felling (sometime it is killing me)... but nothing to b repent on what have i decide "no regret ct"

have to move to one stage to not stick in the safe zone or else you have no changes in yor life "no improvement at all"

P/s dare to change--> result
(enjoying the job even it is busy and a lot thing to be complete in the time constrain )


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Raudhah said...

ermmm....suka juga tgk cite siti kelembai tu.... ^_^