Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Aku kene ckp kat dpn

2times kene tolak kedepan untuk bercakap:-

1. during esewabeli UAT (use acceptance training)
2. esewa training

sazly ko suker buat keputusan on d spot...argg
p i don't mind (coz dia byk tlg aku) --> merangkap my sifu untuk esewabeli n esewa
x der dia mati aku kat cni (BPA)

traning fell like not successful as i aspect. lots of things been querying...
sometime aku pon x tau how to answer.

huh such a unknown felling (did i perform well as a trainer?). that is the biggest question mark.
but yang peliknya...x der rasa takut pon (different from before).

try my hard to improve.
tp aku ni pemalas ckit
different compared to working in tcs (dlu rajin explore)
but now answer

try to be nice to everybody
try to keep my smile
try my hard to calm down n keep my patient
i'm trying
trying not to pening

wish me a good luck yaaaa

p/s: jadi lah org yang lebih sabar and give the best


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