Friday, October 29, 2010

My saturday

6.45am -->take a shower,subuh then bubom balik
around 9 something (dengar bising2 kat luar-> good wedding mah cik B)

11.00am-->completely conscious he3
wash cloth,
having my bf (hot tea n 3 pieces of cookies).
give a call to my cik ude (he's working in kuala kangsar site)
after that termenung......

1.15pm--> attend the wedding with kak hawa n her friend
meet cik b, cik nani other neighbors
mencekik having my lunch
the bride cantek sangat
(hujan la plak....)

2.00pm --> dah x tau nak buat per
get my lappy
checking over facebook (anything new)
then start to update my blog
then start la merepek2

2.42pm--> heard people karaoke in the wedding (ader yg suara hancur lak)
after this do know wht to do dah
cik ude not going to see me this week (dah pokai)

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