Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What a hectic day

Today just attend a meeting discussing on esewabeli
i juz hate when think about it now
give me not good felling (mad,tired,gone lost my patient) one after another

the most horrible thing is dealing with user (dah byk kali keep explaining the same thing, tp x paham2, geram jerrr menyirap jer darah) the data n the structure for the system was terrified, horrible dan aper2 jer lah yg sama waktu dengan nyer...

and one more problem, now i'm goin to follow who (either bos or sazly&nash co?)
problem2..make me sick to think

going back to the system (lot more need to add on)asking so many thing to do. me will try my hard to help sazly(my colleague), doin all the add on.

tomorrow need to handle a training on esewa (dah berkulat dah sytem 2 ader gak yg nak traning lagi).

hope tomorrow's training will be running smoothly....
the reality of working (start to burden my shoulder)
guyzz wish me ggod luck doing this

Xoxo -::-

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