Monday, May 31, 2010

selasa 1 june 2010

the month of jun always give something special.


1/6(aishah my friend)
5/6 (mu aunt ha and aunt norli,uncle li, )
7/6(my sis)
8/6 (my sis nyer wedding)

exam result

10/6(my final year result...i made it ke x to grad 3++ arggg takut).

and this year gone be the year i step out to move a new phase of my life. trying my hard to be hired as soon as possible. desperately need the money to covered all d expenses. some worse thing is my mom have to balik kampong 4 a while due to the contract was expired. so by hook or by crook i have to be hired A>S>A>P........

i need my mr luck again....please

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