Tuesday, June 8, 2010

yeeepeeeee i was hired

2 day i'm attending 1 and first interview in my life, 2 get a job.
manage 2 wake up at 7 in d morning. He wake me up :-) (like always lol - tebalik plak kan?he3). and prepared everything done around 8am.

wait 4 the bus in sek 7 take u601 (RM 1) until sek 2 take U80(Rm 2.50)then travel to KL sentral, reach there almost 9 something. walking around kl sentral aim d directory first. :P.. aku x tahu which train go to pandan jaya. tengok punyer tgk baru faham.....i have to go masjid jamek 1'st and shift the train to Ampang link. from kl sentral to masjid jamek cost me (RM 1.30) and masjid jamek to pandan jaya (RM 2.40).

manage to reach pandan jaya early (takut sesatmyer pasal) reach there about 10.30 am, the interview at 11.30 am. so walk2 to find the place....ask people around to find the office. tanyer punyer tanyer this kakak help me to show it. she said the office is above the
pejabat urusan .................... d rest aku x igt name dia.

then x puas ati lagi i call d bos.... he pass d phone 2 one of d staff kat c2. she fetch me kat bawah office.....then bermulalah sesi interview.
first i need 2 answer question (macam test lol) the ques are all about JAVA...aduhhh la aku ni fail ckit teori...aku code pon main bedal jer biasa...asal run and no syntax and logic error sudah. the bos show me the score = 3/15 i think yang betul (buat malu jer) tebal muke aku.....

then continue with the interview...tanyer la expectation salary (i put 2.3k) and kat kertas information detail ader la plak soalan sql..... aduhh dah la luper x igt lansung.....main bedal jer....MR Neo (the bos) said all wrong....huahahahaha malu2. dah la bayak soalan dia tanyer x leh jawab.
he said i have a potential but macam jade stone yang still covered by stone in outer layered... need to polish......aku eyer kan jer lah....mmg ponnnnn....pas 2 mcm2 lg la dia test....malunyer x leh jawab...argggggg

he ask me naper bleh start lambat...(put it in july) and i give a reason need to resign first (my lecturer). if all the requirement that i ask 4 can be fulfill? how long can u stay...said depend 2 d offer lol.....(Chinglish). i though i don't get d dia ckp mcm dia bg keje 2 kat aku . he introduce me to Wati and ask d girlz suh cari room that can b rent.

pas 2 aku tanyer what are the benefit of d company. Mr Neo said same like other (provide Epf, sokso, bonus depend on d performance) i ask him, am i hired..he said yes....pas shake hand..everything done...and i was hired by 19-2A J Pandan 3/9 Pandan Jaya KL.

so aku balik pon same macam datang up the expenses 2 day is RM 14.40 meal excluded.

klo nak tarvel dari shah alam mcm ni mau kopak kut..........

"p/s 8 june 2010 is a lucky day for me"

by cik ct :-)

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