Sunday, June 20, 2010

1st day in pandan indah

today is the first day in pandan indah. i mive here to cope with the distance problem. last time was staying in shah alam, it take about 2 hour to reach to the office in pandan jaya. so to handle it, try to find the nearest place to the office.

it most the hectic week since i finished my study. 2 days traveling to KL from shah alam, take bus to sek 2, sek 2 to kl sentral, kl sentral to masjid jamek and the last is from masjid jamek to pandan take time to b in office and cost me a lot.

i manage to house in pandan indah, staying with mimi's sis (kak nana), n one teacher (kak yah) and there is still one gilrz n i don't know her name yet.

2days take to move from shah alam to pandan.... even i don't have any forfeitures...but the clothes n books were a lot...n the most impotant is it was heavy like anything...i have to get all the thing downs from 4th floor to basement by using stair only (shah alam, lucky have friend help me out) and move all the thing to 3rd floor (no lift was provided imagine it....huh)

but i was not the as bad from being separated my BFFs.....all the way drive to pandan i cry..hermmm..(susah nak dapat friends mcm deorg..gone miss u guys so muchhhhh)...ude try to calm me down...(try to pujuk me n saying everything positive to stop me from crying....he3). naper la sensitive sangat hari ni...raser mcm x nangis td maser nak salam ngn budak2 ni td. but once it entered the car....dah raser semacam....

after move all the things in the room. i go 4 shop to buy few things....ude bring me to ampang carfour. cost me about RM 70++ gak...all the way back find a shop to duplicate the key...and after that ude went to the restaurant to see his old friends.....(lamer gak borak citer2 dak2 KK)

after taht he send me home and after that arrange my thing to tide up...letih sangat2....lot of thing to rearrange back...after magrib manage to finish it.

and 2morrow learn how to take abus from pandan indah to pandan jaya...

p/s what a hectic week....b strong ct...the lift is just begin...

Cik Ct

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