Sunday, August 8, 2010

9th august 2010

just 5 days to go...after this i'll b move to ipoh, i already send the resign letter to ebusinessoft. After this will be work with Encik Nuar (Old bos). Hope everything will be ok in ipoh. i just hate being stuck in KL...hate KL so so much..damn hate it especially near by was hectic like anything, i just can't cope with the environment.

ipoh just a nice place to live.. everything there but not like crowded as KL. Somebody there to help me, my uncle, auntie, my special one, and a friends. Hope all my life will be back as normal as before, just desperately need my life back, want my green field back, my movie, my friends.

i just miss the smell of the grass after it was cut. miss the smell before raining, miss my small eye when me is smiling, miss my lough(miss all of them), miss my books, miss my assignment. i just need some simple life with modesty, normal friends, normal life...that simple thing i really need.

since shift to pandan i lost all of those things, it make me think dulu never appreciate all of that but now you'll b miss all those thing biler dah hilang. i just want my normal life back to me, just a simple life. that only thing i need now...hope i have the bless from HIM.

may god bless me,
ct :)

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