Sunday, August 22, 2010

1'st day with Zamrud

i've been hired in zamrud sdb bhd. nice to meet all the colleagues (adi,hilmi,azmi and sazly). kind da fund having chat with them.

in zamrud i'm the only girl, and rest of the staff is men. and i'm the first girlz been hired in zamrud...break the record.

hari ni study the way they code the e-Sewe. some can't understand
1. maxima_post('still don't get it????','file been use','form name')

hope i can perform well in zamrud. can contribute benefit to them... can't wait to study oracle...learn a new thing lagi...

i've been working in SUK now, cover the system here.this morning system down, Azmi fix it. alo rugi lak x g tgk tadi mcm mana dia buat...

all of them just left SUK, balik office in silibin. n again i'm all alone here again.

i think i should be ok here. but i term of career growth i don't have any answer for that.

cik ct
mood :-)

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