Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last day in ebusinessoft

13hb august 2010....last day working in ebusinessoft pandan jaya...this is the time that i'm waiting 4. actually this is my 1'st officially job after graduate from UiTM, tapi rase macam x sesuai nak keje cni, lots of preasure keep coming..and + with the unhealthy environment...

lega sangat dapat bertahan sampai ke 13hb... i though juz want to resign without any official latter(ingat aku nak cabut jer), but thanks to allah (give me the strength).

ramai yang me advice tuk stay till 30days notice..thanks yaaa...

and today plan is, after working hour, will heading to shah alam see budak2 ni kat saner...and mr u-the fetch me from office, hati2 drive dear. and after see them, we'll shift all my stuff to the car..nak move to ipoh lak..don't know nak gerak biler, either after sahur or after shift barang2..all depand to mr u-the, but i think better move after sahur, b4 that can rest dlu...

with a better environment hoping that can snap byk2 picture, after this my post akan dipenuhi dengan picture la plak, penat dah nak wording, sakit mata pun ada tgk blog aku ni, penuh dengan words jer.

so hope after this will be get a better environment.

dah rindu padang sgt2 to grass smell likes..

so wish me best of luck with 2'nd job ...hope everything will be back to normal

ct :-)

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