Saturday, July 18, 2009

i-learn run me crazy....

one more problem again appear... this i-learn system juz run me crazy again before this ptptn. i need to do some work report on final sem, but arggg... the system juz so stu... geramnyer. the problem is now small size it can be downloaded but once it comes to more than 1mb, the system can't handle it, the page was blank, nothing appear on the page. tansion la mcm ni. mine is about 2.37mb....urmm no comment.

this sem gone be very hard time 4 me i think, i took 7 subject (proposal+it project,techno,Kb,Language,NN and Dss)and sure have to do lots of coding. pre proposal juz started in sem break last sem...i'm doing on "malay grammar checker uisng NLP" and i do submitted the pre-proposal.

the class was started last 2 week ago. And this weekend i have 2 assignment to finish. 1 was done last 2 days. And i think need to finish the last one today, but as i said the system does not working well, don't know how to finish the work without the report from past semester. i can't download the report la way...tell me how? where can i get the resource... waaa...... tansion mcm ni.

plz maintain the system la admin. sometime i think all of this create more trouble to us.dah la susah nak wat keje klo system down. x tau la aper nak ckp dah.. geram tahap dewe dah.

meluahkan ketdk puashatian

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