Saturday, December 29, 2012

me n me

it is been a while i did not update anything in this blog
lots of thing just happen
been buzy with works and study - kononnya la hahaha

anyway i'm doing master now in information management
just started , semester 1
but i tell u it really taking my life
lots of stuff need to be done

everything seems out of control
works, assignment, class, projects
really have to take deep breath

so latest about me
 just enjoy my life being "single"  - single hocayyyy
it doesn't mean being a single you have a miserable life - betul x?
learn a lot when there is nobody to help u out
current progress :-
i manage to control a machine which is named as CAR hahahha
dah pandai drive la wei  ("blaja drive kat KL hocayyy - ko ada")
ehhh lupa - i got a baby blue already ~~~~ mihmihmih~~~
tp aku dah calarkan kasi ada parut ckit

still working with ambank
staying in ampang - hari2 aku dengar siren ambulance n hadap jam

works mcm biasalah
loaded kat atas kepala x habis nak buat
but really enjoy it since gaining a lot things
been placed in the best ever team
dgn hero2 termacho in malaysia (abg zaini , TKN)
sometime aku terpaksa change from "heroin" tp "hero" bila deorg cuti

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