Sunday, May 31, 2009

i in still seaching who i am

i fell like, I'm a one little tree that trying to survive in the bush. competing was really hard, but i have to make it success as well as i can in order to live. I'm trying to make my root become stronger, try my hard to get all the need, look around try to follow the way how the other big tree to grow like them.

uhhhm... so hard to survive. sometime got so blur...who I'm gone be. in d age of 22nd still finding my identity, the way i perform my self, the way i present to the people....still in searching. sometime i need a person who can guide me, tell me, advise me to follow the right way... and I'm glad to have them...and i would like to say thanks....

People come and people go And people gonna come some more...and they teaching me to be who i am now. lots i can see,lots i can make as guided for me. what should i do, and i shouldn't.

lots of people i can see, bad one, good... umhhh i chose to a be good one. insyallah my god bless me, may god pelihara aku. i pray for that. peliharlah aku dari semua kemungkaran perkara yang engkau laknat, kuatkan iman aku. "amin ya robal alamin"

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