Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dammly miss ipoh.....

After continue my degree in shah alam... i never visit ipoh for this long period. I think is about more than one year. i miss the town so so much men. know wht? ilove the food so much. all the variety of food i can kill.

let me list u the restaurants
1. The Mackcik stall in pekan razaki (laksa).
2. The mouth (Chinese food)
3. Old town (law shi fan)
4. Dataran (a fordable price )
5. Pakcik stall juz behind night market site(kuew tiaw kong fuu),i can show u the stall
6. Nasi belauk in stadium (taste so good)
8. Tasik banding retaurances (nasi campur)
9. Wadie in stadium
10.Benteng nasi goreng kuali
11.Benteng restaurance (in kuala kangsar)
12.Kampai (Japanese food)

tell u it licking finger... i love all that food so much. go to perak don't miss all this food. you better go for that.

ipoh juz like a small town but it juz a nice town to leave. min traffic jam but lots of necessity. such a nice place to live. for anybody want to go there jangan luper ajak tau....miss u so much ipoh.


Sue said...

jom gi perak.. aku tak bese lepak kat ipoh la siti.. kite gi sama2 pastu ko bawak aku jenjalan ipoh la nak? ;) kalo seri iskandar, aku rindu kebab pasar rabu. *nanes rindu* :(

hanin said...

da link ko kt blog ku huhu - hanin

Siti Asmah Bt Ab Aziz said...

some day klo der maser sesuai bleh g la...skg ngh kering hu3