Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ermm juz finish final exem for short coz

Start my exam on 22nd june 2009 till 23rd jer pon he3. i have seated for 2 paper which is
1. Eco 415
2.Its 610
urmmmm... study about 5 week and after that seat for final exam. Quite hectic schedule...

Its 610 lec by PM Hanafiah Harun. The way he talk was very good, ct bg dia goodest la....he3. lots of mission to accomplish, he is really protecting Malay best sgt klas dia but ct ponteng 1 hari kui3... I have to finish 3 assignments which are for the first is individual and the second and third 2 for grouping. For individual I work on telecommuting advantages and disadvantages. 1st group we were working on ethic in it, my part was about e commerce. For the last assignment group we have to do a analysis about cellphone. i have to do collecting information which is let people answer the questionair.I gave it to my friends to do the question. Thanks for the help me. I worked on scope of the study and the methodology.

For the economic, think it something interesting to study on, lots of information and knowledge i gain from the class. And pn siti ayu was superb when talking about economic, make me astonishing when a moment she opened her mouth. We were assigning to work on ASEAN import export and gdp. ermm lot of reading to do but it really opened my eyes when do the reading on that subject.

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