Friday, June 12, 2009

Really hard time to go

What would i start my words. this week was a really hard time for me. I'm so in doubting, lots of thing goes in my mind. too much thing i have to consider, to thinking of. I have to take time, make myself calm down, i need to know my self very well, muhasabah diri, think what really i want to.Now I'm asking a time for thinking...hrmmmm.. in order to make my decision is precise, no regret after this, no more turning back.

I think i have spend lots of time for something that I'm not really sure on. waiting and hoping on something is not clear for me, it like a I'm in the a thick folk, trying to find a way out. So i take this chances to make it more clear, trying the best way out, the best decision from getting lost in my dream.

I need time and space for my self. Doing what should i done before. Having my time to spend on my interest, my friends, my normal activity. Day by day i getting more clear and clear, less doubting than before. Alhamdulilah thanks to almighty god. I fell more comfort, know who i am and what really i want to be.

I'm asking an advise people around me, what are their opinion on my situation. alhamdulilah I think what they had said is helping me. It is giving me how I'm going to solve with this problems.


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