Friday, June 19, 2009

Eat alway a pleasure

My bf always complaint, because every time we went for eat, he always hear my annoying grumble about the food we have. well what can i say, sometime the food is tasteless, and how can i swallow that. "well this is me always complaint about food". lets see... i would like to eat in a few restaurant around pusat komersial.Let me where should u go.

1. Bubur nasi (Anis sup utara)yummy... but sometime the soup lost the taste, water to much

2. Fresh orange (side walk) but if u in a group better order only one

3.Roti canai (the sambal so good)

3. kerabu mangga (Restaurant umi)

4. Bancau (Anis sup utara)

5. Yong tau fu ( satu2 nyer chinese Restaurant) soup so good and the deep fried brinja

* not real pictures... latter when i went for this thing... i'll give a snap..he3

ermm... this juz a few... latter after i tried something is good and i'll give some post, he3.
klo x sedap jgn marah.... for me the taste not bad laaa...., make me remember on the food...don't forget to leave a comment. :-p


miszhatie said...

bubur nasi ani sup utara terbaekkkk..i loike~~~

Sue said...

su kurang setuju la bubur dia paling best. sbb i tasted better kat pj. nyum22... :p

Sue said...

kalo bab makan kat ss7, su paling ske gi izzah sup utara tu. walaupun mahal sikit, janji puas. xpernah lagi tempat tu mengecewakan su. hihihi

Siti Asmah Bt Ab Aziz said...

wawawa...nanti ct g try...later nak wat kelantanese food lak and dak2 umh nyer cook...kui3.x sabo