Saturday, June 13, 2009

Have fun 2day

At last... i made it 2 go out.Arg best sgt, luas sgt lubang hidung raser ari ni pader biasa..hu3. Even my eye quite small, tp fell like it much bigger than be4,at last i can see trees. sujuk ckit mater mandang.meter semangat pon bertambah ckit hu3.

tambah2 plak haze skg ni.even at 12pm pon can not see clear. last night watched news shah alam in 98 effected. but the most is klang valley la , so bad reach till 132. erm they said because of the weather now (lanina kut hu3).

this morning went to taman bukit cahaya. reach there almost 11am. though want to cycle after taking bus looking around the place. but the weather getting darker hurmmm. biler jer turun bus...taram raining.... cam hujan to chasing over us plak. hacus harapan nak cycling.

pas 2 boleh still palying plak, melengang...biler jer kuar jer pintu kuar taman 2, is geting worse. so per g....belari cam kejar dgn anjing lo... betempiaran looooo... sampai jer kat kete...sume dah lencun... lounging each other la.

punyer la bwk byk makanan. fried rice, porridge, sandwich, buah melaka... at last eat all that in the car...kui3.After that don't know wht 2 do, make mind to go sunway...actually dah ready siap bwk jeans and make up g. berenti kat "The Run" change everything, macam transformer plak, from track suit to casual. Yuhooo girls day out.

sampai sunway almost 12 something and go jln2 jer. no money no talk beb. juz window shopping jer. cuci mater jer. look around till 3 something and balik umh lo... sambil 2 mencekik lagi dlm kete. have some fun 2day. thanks farah bring me out 2day. love u muah.he3...


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Sue said...

sounds like u had a terrific day out. ;)

jeles jeles. :p