Monday, April 25, 2011

fell empty

sometime fell so empty sgt2 dlm hidup ni
bila lihat org lain happy
fell so damn jealous nak happy mcm deorg gak

having a nice family
having a vacation dengan family
take a snap with a family
freaking damn want to have it

every day aku wajib tg fb
so keep reading the friends status
n tgk picture
wish i can have it too

bila deorg dok citer pasal fam
plz shut your mouth
coz i don't want to hear
it hurt me, it make me so damn jealous

me is bit wild compare to my sis
keep doin the nonsense thing
juz because
i want to forget it

me is grow up
all alone n so many hardiness moment
all of those thing
buat aku
berdendam and keras hati

wish someone can change me
change me to be a better person
who have a deep love inside
who have a care for others

p/s: wht should really i do
cik ct reality is u r cruel, heartless person

cik ct

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