Sunday, February 6, 2011

i'm back

dah lama giler z update blog...
i think since i move 2 kl..x penah sekali pon made a new post
this is the 1'st time

lots thing happened currently.
1'st of all ...surprise i resign from zamrud...hu3
the decision kind da drastic..

cik ude think i was like main-main
till the day i told him tht i was accepted in new place in KL
he get sad, fell sorry bout wht happen between us 'sbb gaduh all the time'

he was not seding me by car
i decide to take ets
still remember his face since i enter the train till the train moving
masa 2 sgt2 sedih hermmm fell like want to :'(

now it about 2 month been working here
my 2nd paycheck
enjoy so much
even it was very hectic
believe or not we are sleeping in the office
they do the work till morning

me n mr u-the been in the hardest stage in our relationship
my mom seem don't like him
mom say jus let him go
but i can't do it
damn cruel if i broke up with him
x der alasan yg kuat
we both trying hard to keep this relation ship

i also pening n serabut keep thinking bout it
me n him getting better no cat n dog fighting anymore
think long distance relationship much better for us

today jus came back from home town...
uncle give me a left go back to kelantan
bcoz the ticket sold out
then come back here with my relative

one good new is
mr. u-the become a permanent staff already
and dah jadi junior serveyer
nest 3-4 year dah belh jadi servayer
proud with u dear
i'm happy 4 u
p frust gak
bcoz i was not the 1'st person yh tahu pasal ni

me is having life in kl
tdo office
mkn pon office
sometime get sick staying here
n i gain my weight ...2kg argggg
giler betul
baju dah ketat ni
apa mau jadi

pray for mr uthe n me can go through stages n my mom can accept him whatever he is
mr. u-the, u'r my sweet heart ....hope u can do it too.
me aja -aja fighting ...definitely u have to be strong

tunngu next post saya samapai berjanggut la eak...
if not busy n in the mood to meconteng ..ada la 2 nanti yek

cik ct :)

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