Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ku harapkan pelangi selepas hujan

lot of thing happen in 2011
even it still early of the year
baru bulan febuary

but i've go trough the hardest time ever
including family,relationship,career
banyak bende yg mess up in my mind
kadang2 bercelaru

my parent juz get divorce
made me sad
but i can aspect it from early
so i was not shock
when mamy told me bout that

now about my kekasih hati
mom doesn't like him
she been telling me
to break up

yesterday my kekasih hati
told me that his nerve was effected by bacteria
god i was worried like crazy
n he was trying to get a treatment
to cure the decease

my career
i'm was hired in iconbloom
as software engineer
it was hectic
n i'm in learning
process stage
(macam merangkak lagi)

i really need time
to get recover
so damn painful

live goes on
n i do believe there is a shine will come
" Tuhan hadirkan pelangi selepas hujan..
Tuhan tumbuhkan bunga selepas kontang, hanya dari benih hitam yang kusam..
lalu bila Dia sirami hujan,maka tersenyumlah alam.."

p/s: aku berharap semua dugaan ini menjadi kekuatan diri nanti,jgn saat sendu airmata mengaburkan kewarasan

cik ct :P


A I E N S Y A H N A N said...

did mr.u-the know about ur mother doesn't like him??? it must be hard to face... i fell sorry for u... stay strong ok... :)

Siti Asmah Bt Ab Aziz said...

did told him ready
i was hard to him
anyway thanks aien